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 I. “One FLY ROYALE”-Morning Session

This event is limited to only 20 anglers who will compete in a traditional fly rod only competition that allows only one fly throughout the event. The single fly they will use for the entire competition may be their choice whether dry, nymph, wet or streamer type fly. The competitor will be allowed only the one fly they initially choose until either (a)-The fly is lost or unable to be reconnected to the fly line due to an equipment failure. (b)-The event time deadline is reached. (c)- The participant voluntarily stops fishing or is disqualified by a judge for any reason. The hook on the single fly choice must be barbless or have the barb flattened to the judge or judge’s discretion. The single fly rod is of the competitor’s choice in length or weight size of rod, the same rule applies to fly line. The practice of quick catch and release of the fish after promptly securing the information needed for the judging will be followed for this event.

The fly may have one bead, cone or dumbbell eye set and may have lead or non-lead wire used in the construction of the fly. Non-lead weight may be added to the leader. Molded metal heads (jigs) are not allowed(plastic/silicone heads such as Fish Mask or similar products are allowed upon judges approval).

1.Flies must be tied on a single barbless hook, or on a hook with the barb pushed down.

2.Repair of flies may only be done with the use of glue or any adhesive. Any re-tying of the fly with thread or fly tying materials is prohibited. Broken hooks may be honed or filed to a usable sharpness via any sharpening tool.

3.Traditional strike indicators are allowed. Flies, even those with broken hooks, are not allowed to be used as an indicator. Only a single fly may be attached to the leader.

4.If a contestant’s fly becomes caught in brush or in a snag, it may be recovered and reattached to the leader. The contestant may continue fishing in the event. The contestant can be disqualified by the guide for any unsafe practice used to retrieve a fly.

5.Fish are to be measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the relaxed tail. The tail of the trout should not be pinched. All trout should be measured to the nearest 1/4 inch. Measurements should not be rounded up

*Note any and all rules, permits and fees required by any state, city, or county agency will be enforced including licensing requirements or regulations (Judges have complete discretion in final decision and will be abided by all participants)


1.One point will be awarded for each inch. (Example: a fish measuring 41 3/4″ will count as 41.75 pts.)

2.In the case of a tie, the first tiebreaker will be the biggest fish (example: 44″ & 34″ would beat 43″ & 35″). The second tiebreaker will be the time of the official measure of fish number one. The third and final tiebreaker will be a coin toss.

(Judges have complete discretion in final decision and will be abided by all participants)


1.Contestants will furnish their own fly-fishing equipment. Each contestant may bring one or two fly rods or rod (Use of one rod only at a time-rods can be alternated). Conventional fly rod or reel is the choice of each contestant.

2.The use of fly floatant or other accessories will be at the discretion of the contestant. Only floating fly lines are permitted. Sinking leaders six feet or less in length are permitted.

3.No live bait (bait fish or worms, insects), artificial flies only-no artificial fish attractants, such as scents, are allowed. (Judges have complete discretion in final decision and will be abided by all participants)



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